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How To Enlarge Penis - The jelqing, Kegel, And Other Tenhniques For Safe Growth!

Relax, don't worry. For I am going to literally hand over to you some of the most popular ways to enlarge your penis so that you really know how to enlarge your penis naturally within a short period of time. So, please concentrate and read on.

Why do men want to increase their penis size?

Simple, because most women fantasize about their sex partner having a big and fat penis. A woman having slept with a man with a large penis is most likely to tell it to all her friends and before time everybody will come to know about it and will look with admiration towards the man. This boosts his self-confidence to such lengths that he starts thinking about himself as an alpha male. So increasing penis size is both a fantasy as well as a necessity to almost every man in this planet.

1) Learn how to enlarge your penis naturally with the jelqing technique.

That's the million dollar question on every man's mind. How to find out safe and effective ways to enlarge your penis. The most popular penis enlargement technique is called jelqing. This technique to enlarge penis naturally has been around for centuries. It is really easy to learn how to enlarge your penis naturally with the jelqing technique.

The penis consists mostly of soft spongy tissues called Corpus Cavernosum. When blood flows into these tissues, they inflate hard and stiffen resulting in an erect penis. The more the amount of blood flowing into these tissues, the longer and harder will be the erections. The jelqing technique, when done correctly and on a daily basis, forces more blood to enter into the Corpus Cavernosum thus resulting in some amazing length gain of up to 4 inches within a few months. What's more it also increases the girth of the penis.

2) Trim your pubic hair to make your penis look longer.

Pubic hair hides nearly one inch of your penis making your penis look smaller. Take out some small scissors and start to trim your pubic hair over a trash can or over the toilet as it can get really messy and also embarrassing if someone goes inside your bathroom and finds your pubic hair clippings all over the floor.

3) Shave your pubic hair

This is more difficult than the above process but definitely achievable. First trim your pubic hair in the above mentioned procedure and then apply some shaving cream and gel and start shaving along the grain. Repeat this process a couple of times. Please don't shave against the grain or you'll get little red bumps like acne all over your pubic region and people will think by mistake that you have sexually transmitted diseases.

4) Take a hot shower before having sex

Though it's not always possible to do this every time you have sex, taking a hot shower just before sex will help increase the amount of blood flow into your penis making it look big and attractive to your partner than your averaged sized penis. So if possible, always do this before having sex.

5) Traction devices: the most popular of all the ways to enlarge your penis

Traction devices are right now the safest and most popular of all the ways to enlarge your penis. Traction devices over the years have improved dramatically and are extremely comfortable to use. In fact, they have become so comfortable that you can easily wear these devices all day long thereby speeding up your penis enlargement process. Using traction devices for a couple of hours each day saves you the hassle of enlarging your manhood with the above mentioned methods.

Traction devices are highly effective and are backed medically to be the best substitute for penis enlargement surgery. By providing a steady and controlled pressure on the head of the penis, traction devices help generate millions of tissues and cells to grow naturally thus enlarging your organ up to 3-4 inches in only a few months! Since your penis cells grow naturally, your size gain remains permanent, unlike penis enlargement pills that only help increase your size as long as you keep taking it.

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